Born on the beach of Bali in 2006. Ludovica Virga, designer and creative mind, decided to produce crocheted dolls made by the island's inhabitants who, after the tsunami in Indonesia in 2004, were left without work because of tourism increasingly in crisis.
But success comes only in 2009, when the designer during a Chanel fashion show in Venice, meets Karl Lagerfeld and makes a gift of a MuaMua doll with the features of the Kaiser of fashion.

The designer began a collaboration with the Italian designer and the response was immediate! Today, MuaMua dolls has become a brand sold in the most important concept stores and e-commerce in the world.

MuaMua dolls is also a reality with a strong aspect of charity and human: each doll is in fact made in Bali in rural areas inhabited by woman and older people living in difficult conditions, while part of the process of the sale of the collection is donated to a school in Sumbawa to help and support women education.