Racine Carrée ("square root") is the abstraction of the double "V" that represents the binary synthesis of a specific style: “the Viviana Vignola’ style”, a Neapolitan designer, as well as the creator of the brand.

Racine Carrée is a style that goes to the heart, to the roots of seduction. It is able to materialise every woman’s object of desire. It is for women who love quality and haute couture, women who want to wear the perfect shoes and do not want to leave the house without them.

Racine Carrée is linked to concepts such as versatility, uniqueness and quality. A completely handmade product that allows you to breathe the high quality of Italian manufacture.
The natural scent of the finest leathers, the softness of the materials, the sound of the heels, the beauty of the aesthetics... in the Racine Carrée’s world, simplicity combines elegance.
Sensuality stands out on heels with very long and light lines, materials and shapes contrast with audacity and harmonize with delicacy, like the many souls of every woman, between dream and reality.