He was called "tagliatore" (=who that cuts, the tailor) because in the Southern anyone had a nickname. We are in Martina Franca, Apulia, Forties. The Pino Lerario's grandfather "tagliava" (=cut) leather soles that then his wife used for shoes.

The passage from shoes to fabrics was natural in the town -Martina Franca- that will be later one of the most important district for the textile and fashion production.

After three generations, the Lerario family still runs the company that has famous worldwide and has more than 800 clients in Italy and in the world. Pino is the creative brand director, Luciano and Vito directors of production, Teresa the financial department's director.

The production of Tagliatore and Pino Lerario Collections is entirely made in Italy, using Italian and British precious fabrics: any detail is handmade and the quality check is very fine. 

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